Hook up leds to amp

Mains <em>hook</em>-up troubleshooting Advice Practical

Mains hook-up troubleshooting Advice Practical It's not too b of a deal for a small chain of LEDs, but once you start hooking up too many things to your remote wire from your HU, you're bound to cause problems, and possibly even burn up your HU. Electrical hook-up points are always rated in amperes, yet appliances’ electrical demands are normally expressed in watts. Fortunately, it’s easy to convert one to the other to calculate all your appliances’ demands in amps click here to see an easy way to do this.

Wiring LED strip to car audio amplifier? Oznium Forum

Wiring LED strip to car audio amplifier? Oznium Forum I just checked Phil's description of the LED strip, but it doesn't say its amperage. You could tap into the main power wire going to your amp, and run a relay. Just hook it up like you regularly would. Since the amp is already hooked up to the radio with the remote. If the goal is to hook the LEDs up such that they.

How to <em>hook</em> up <em>leds</em> to <em>amp</em> - Answer Me Fast

How to hook up leds to amp - Answer Me Fast This then gives you the ability to run a bunch of lhts off of your HU, without hardly drawing any power from it. Leds powered by car amp. How to tell which wire to hook up 110 v 1is hot w switch on both with switch off same color? How to determine a ground wire when both wires.

<strong>Hook</strong> up <strong>amp</strong>/sub to stock deck? Forum

Hook up amp/sub to stock deck? Forum For example, a person mht install a toggle switch in his or her car to operate an aftermarket interior LED lht system. If you're using a snal converter - or an amp with speaker level inputs, any speaker input will do. I had a JL 500/1 hooked up to my Avant @ one point, and I used the speaker level inputs of the amp. It was powering a JL 8W7 sub.

LED Strip Controller W/ LED <em>Amp</em> + Arduino 5 Steps

LED Strip Controller W/ LED Amp + Arduino 5 Steps See Step 1 below to get started installing your own toggle switch! Video embedded · LED Strip Controller W/ LED Amp + Arduino. there seems to be no need to hook up the 5V on the arduino. which means dimmer LEDs and snficantly

<b>Hooking</b> up a 12v DC LED strip box to Automotive wiring.

Hooking up a 12v DC LED strip box to Automotive wiring. Yes, you can, but the issue with that is you will begin to start drawing too much current from the remote wire output on your HU. Hooking up a 12v DC LED strip box to Automotive wiring. There is little chance the LEDs will be damaged even without. to hook up the box to the car

Hook up leds to amp:

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