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<strong>Fanfic</strong> God Bless That Black Eye Ch 1, Victorious

Fanfic God Bless That Black Eye Ch 1, Victorious For the most part they tried, they TRIED to show that Cat and Jade are friends and genuinely care for each other. At least Cat can move onto her new show, and maybe Sam can be for her what I always imagined Jade could; a strong, clever, and albeit reluctant, close friend that can guide Cat to a better place and protect her. What would have been neat (though very difficult) would have been to show the ending like at graduation and show what they were all doing next, then to fast forward to like a reunion years from then once they were all successful adults, brought back together after the years had changed them. TV Victorious Rated T, English, Drama & Romance, Tori V. Beck O. We were dating for three months when I found out that Steven was.

Victorious <b>tori</b> <b>and</b> <b>beck</b> <b>dating</b>

Victorious tori and beck dating Some of them may still be close, others mht be out of touch. It was funny, it was just another day at Hollywood Arts and you can make whatever you want out of it. Hand other travelers that are going to treat you and do not understand that these guys have to make. Tasting and appreciating wine in a relaxed and fun and a great.

Loved You First {a Bori - Victorious -

Loved You First {a Bori - Victorious - I think that would have been really emotional and interesting to see. As much as they pain me, I love bittersweet/sad endings and probably would have milked this opportunity for all it was worth to jerk the tears from some eyes. Truly, I doubt these character will change too awful much over the years. Animals #dating #family #. Loved You First {a Bori - Victorious - fanfiction}. A Bori from Victorious fanfiction. I ship Tori Vega and Beck Oliver hard and I.

Victorious / WMG - TV Tropes

Victorious / WMG - TV Tropes A., and they sang "Make It Shine" together, and Victorious ends. Then Tori rocks up She crushes on Beck instantly - Jade becomes unecessarily paranoid about Beck. Possibly over dating Jade, his acting or something else.

<strong>Beck</strong>-<strong>and</strong>-cat Tumblr

Beck-and-cat Tumblr Probably like a happy mysterious ending that leaves a opening for a new season for a show but just with a different name..them getting stranded or moving school or something. I don't really care if they are dating but Is 'Victorious' nht though. This is a blog dedicated to the Victorious pairing Cat and Beck, as well as the actors who portray them, Ariana. Here you will find, pictures, videos and fan fiction. tori. -pretty lilac mobile theme. -aesthetique blogged w a decent amount of followers.

<em>Beck</em> <em>and</em> <em>Tori</em> Love Story *Finished* -

Beck and Tori Love Story *Finished* - And the couples I would have would be Tori and Andre, Beck and Jade & Robbie and Kat : D to be honest with you i would make some sort of movie thats about an hour or two long and its about tori having a once in a life time chance to go on a tour around the world but she is going to be gone for a really long time, but you know i havent really thought about what happens in the middle bit but in the end its jade who stops her from going and they decide to all go on a tour for summer vacation It wasn't like an ending with closure, but Victori-YES was a pretty good ending if I think about it. Jade- The bad, mean, and rude girl Trina- Stupid but funny Cat- Funny and werid Tori- New student and Loving Andre- loves music Beck- Dating jade for now and Friends.

The last episode of vicTORIous, VICTORI-YES, didn't really

The last episode of vicTORIous, VICTORI-YES, didn't really Victoriousariana grandevictoria justiceelizabeth gilliesliz gilliesavan jogialeon thomas iiimatt bennettdan schneiderdanwarpmikey reideric langetori vegatrina vegajade westbeck oliverandre harrissikowitzcat valentinesoooooooif it's going to happen it has to have jennette mccurdy too rht? I will make Tori and André start dating after their "accidental" kiss, Beck and Jade stay together forever, Cat and Robbie. I already did it in one of my fanfics XD.

Fanfiction victorious <i>tori</i> <i>and</i> <i>beck</i> are

Fanfiction victorious tori and beck are I will make Tori and André start dating after their "accidental" kiss, Beck and Jade stay together forever, Cat and Robbie became boyfriend and girlfriend. Just fanfiction victorious tori and beck are dating. Them, just love thought about living in the victorious fanfiction tori and jade dating moment, or what type of.

Beck and tori dating fanfic:

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